Just the other day we found ourselves inside the captivating walls of  212 Gallery in Aspen. What we saw was sick! Their current exhibit entitled, SPILL : CRUDE RESPONSE, combines photography capturing the Gulf Oil Spill and Sculptural installations made from waste stream plastics. Featured artists, Daniel Beltra and Aurora Robson, reveal our culture’s deep connection to oil, uncovering beauty within tragedy. Be sure to stop by and take a look for yourselves at 525 East Cooper Avenue in Aspen. But for now, here’s a sneak peek…

Aurora Robson uses discarded plastic for her sculptures. She is active with Project Kaisei which is a group that is working to clean up the landfills in the ocean. She has intercepted over 40,000 bottles from the waste stream, turning them into art instead of allowing them to go into landfill, our oceans, or the environmentally costly recycling process.

Daniel Beltra has captured the oil spill in such a unique way. He has found a way to bring awareness to the oil spill while making the images objects you can live with. None of the images have been enhanced in any way, the colors are true to what he saw at the spill. Daniel brings the sensibility and craft of a news photographer to the fields of nature and the environment, making images, which inspire greater respect and conservation of our planet. Shown in large format these images have the beauty and composition of fine art while telling a vital story.

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  1. Liam Kiernan’s avatar

    you know 212 is my cousins gallery, that shit looks pretty sick

  2. I S V E R A’s avatar

    No we didn’t. Sick! It’s legit!

  3. Brooke’s avatar

    Thank you for the great write up, I am glad you enjoyed the exhibition!

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